On this page we will build a reading list of literature related to London, about issues in similar cities, or about methodological concerns of doing research in large cities such as London. We also have a section for publications by FiLo members. Please email us your publications, links or useful citations with a short sentence about the piece if you think it might be of use for FiLo members.

FiLo Member Publications

Berrocal, E. G., 2010 ‘Building Italian-ness Through the Logic of the ‘Other in Us’ and the ‘Self in the Other’: An Anti-Nationalist Approach to the Italian Debate on a New Citizenship Law’, Bulletin of Italian Politics, 2 (1), 69-90.(Paper)

Berrocal, E. G., 2009 ‘The Post-colonialism of Ernesto De Martino: The Principle of Critical Ethnocentrism as a Failed Attempt to Reconstruct Ethnographic Authority’, History and Anthropology, 20 (2), 123-138.(Abstract)

Fumanti, M., 2010, ‘Virtuous Citizenship, Ethnicity and Encapsulation among Akan Speaking Ghanaian Methodists in London’ In special issue ‘The Moral Economy of the African Diaspora: Encapsulation, Estrangement and Citizenship’ edited by Fumanti, M. and Werbner, P., African Diaspora. Vol 2, (1-2): 13-42. (Abstract)

Fumanti M., 2010, ‘A light-hearted bunch of ladies: Irreverent Piety and Gendered Power in the London Ghanaian Diaspora’, Africa, Vol 8(2): 200-223. (Abstract)

Vathi, Z., 2010, ‘New Brits? Migration and Settlement of Albanian-Origin Immigrants in London’, Sussex centre for Migration Research, Working Paper No 57 (Available online)

Wessendorf, S., 2010, ‘Commonplace Diversity: Social Interactions in a Super-diverse Context’,MPI-MMG Working Papers, WP 10-11. Available on the MPI-MMG website.

Zeitlyn, B., 2008, ‘Challenging Language in the Diaspora’, Bangla Journal, Year 6, Iss. e 14: 126-14. Available on the AHRC, Diasporas Migration and Identities website as a working paper, No. 008.

London references or case studies

(courtesy of our members – Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and there is much more literature on London that maybe more useful to you.)

Adams, C., 1987, Across Seven Seas and Thirteen Rivers, Life Stories of Pioneer Sylheti Settlers in Britain, Eastside Books London

Alexander, C., 2000, ‘(Dis)Entangling the ‘Asian Gang’: Ethnicity, Identity, Masculinity’ in Hesse, B., ed., 2000, Un/Settled Multiculturalisms, Diasporas, Entanglement, Transruptions, Zed Books, London

Alexander, C., 2000, The Asian Gang: Ethnicity, Identity, Masculinity, Berg, Oxford

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Evans, Y. Wills, J, Datta, K, Herbert, J, McIlwaine, C and May, J (2007) ‘‘‘Subcontracting by stealth” in London’s hotels: impacts and implications for labour organising‘. Just Labor: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society, 10, 85–97. Published online:

Farrar, M., 2008, ‘Analysing London’s ‘New East End’ – How Can Social Science Make a Difference?’, Sociological Research Online 13.

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Government Office for London, 2007, Indicies of Deprivation 2007, Briefing Note

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