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Here you can find the links to the online profiles of some FiLo members. FiLo at the moment counts about 100 members from various different institutions and disciplines although only a small proportion is displayed below.

Berrocal, Emilio G.
Rap, Ethnic Minorities, Ethno-genesis, East-London, Auto-ethnography

Chatzipanagiotidou, Evropi
The political connections between the Cypriot diaspora and Cyprus

Cockell, Michelle
Identity and Integration of the Iranian and Iraqi Kurdish community based in the UK – a comparison between first generations and youth experiences.

Coleman, Simon
Charismatic Christianity, Nigerian Pentecostal churches in North-West and South-East London, pilgrimage and the medicalization of space

Dickson, Jane
The material culture of sustainability

Difato, Christine
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter

Drummond, Phillip
The rhetoric of London, in its communicative, cinematic and mediatised forms LONDONICITY

Eade, John
London as a global city, the Islamisation of urban space, Bangladeshi identity politics, recent migration from central and eastern Europe, and pilgrimage / CRONEM

Erciyes, Jade Cemre
Turkish speaking migrants in London

Evans, Gillian
Development of London’s Olympic legacy

Fumanti, Mattia
Ghanaian Diaspora in London, Citizenship, Ethnicity and Religion

Garrett, Bradley L.
Writer, filmmaker and explorer of dereliction

Hall, Charlotte
Spatial and temporal aspects of trace metal contamination in lakes and ponds in London

Hammacher, Susanne
London community media projects from the 1970s, Latin American communities

Haslop, Craig
Potential of representation of alternative sexualities on TV without labeling

Hasselberg, Ines
The impact of deportation of long term migrants

Humphry, Debbie
Researcher, Photographer, Writer, Educator

Lee, Lois
Non-religion in the UK and the relationship between ideological and socio-cultural structures / Non-Religion and Secularity Research Network

Liberatore, Giulia
Somali, women, Islam, self, ethics, hope, religion, anthropology

Liempt, Ilse van
Onward migration, Somalis, identity

Loussouarn, Claire
Chinese Gambling in London / Gambling Research Network

Mair, Jon
Participatory study of Buddhist ethics among the members of Foguang Shan Temple near Oxford Circus

Meissner, Fran
Numerically small migrant groups and super-diversity

Mueller, Dorothea
Emotional geographies of German migrants in the UK

O’Reilly, Joanna
South East Stroke Research Network

Shah, Prakash
Immigration, asylum and nationality law and ethnic minorities and the law

Stikane, Aija
Houseboats on London’s canals and the Thames

Trias i Valls, Àngels
Economic anthropology & queer cultural politics

Tsegou, Aphrodite
Flamenco dance and its place in a cosmopolitan city

Vathi, Zana
Integration of second generation Albanian teenagers in London, Thessaloniki and Florence – focusing on identities and transnational ties.

Unutulmaz, K.Onur
Turkish-speaking communities and amateur football

Wessendorf, Susanne
Super-diversity in London: intergroup contact and attitudes on the local level

Woodcraft, Saffron
Communities and Housing / Young Foundation

Zeitlyn, Benjamin
Transnational childhoods among Bangladeshi children in London


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