Blog with FiLo

Why not write a post for FiLo?

This is an open call for posts for FiLo’s blog

In accordance to FiLo’s aims, it is time to open the blog to posts from all members.

The blog is very flexible in its contents (provided quality is assured) as you may see from previous posts – they relate to London in many different ways. We are thus open to posts about your research, a policy affecting London, an event that took place or that will take place in London or about London, your thoughts/opinions/reflections on anything relating to London or to London as a research site.

This call for posts is two-folded: We are looking for occasional posts from members AND we are looking to recruit up to 5 people who can commit to writing at least ONE blog post a month.

To submit an occasional post:

* The post should not have more than 1000 words (preferably)
* Include, whenever possible, one or more images
* Be sent to the FiLo team at
* There are no deadlines – FiLo’s blog is ongoing and so is this call for posts
* You can submit as many posts as you like.

To commit to one post a month:

The blog guidelines are the same as the occasional post but those interested in becoming regular bloggers will be part of the FiLo team, and be acknowledged as such (for CV, references, etc). Also you will be given direct access to the blog. If you are interested in this, please send us an email expressing your interest along with a blog post.


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