Framing the City

11 06 2011


Call for Entries

FRAMING THE CITY is a juried photography competition accompanying a major international conference hosted by CRESC at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester from the 6th – 9th September 2011.

First and second prizes will be awarded to those photographs judged to best capture the conference theme: FRAMING THE CITY. Entrants are invited to examine the nature of change in the urban environment; to reflect on and challenge notions of city living from the local to the global and across cultural, technical and political landscapes.

The CRESC Framing the City conference aims to scrutinise the processes by which cities are conceptualised, realised, lived and contested. All shortlisted entrants will be part of an online competition gallery on flickr, hosted as part of the conference proceedings.

The winning entrants will:

· have their work published in the prestigious online magazine Manchester Review

· have their work featured on the CRESC FRAMING THE CITY conference brochure (1st prize, front cover; 2nd prize, back cover)

· receive a collectors’ item hardback copy of the work of photographer Stephen Gill

· receive a cash prize (1st prize £100; 2nd prize £50)

· have their work displayed at the Royal Northern College of Music during the conference

· attend a prize giving at the conference opening ceremony on 6th September

Deadline for entries: Thursday 30 June 2011

There is a limit of 3 entries per person, but prizes will be awarded to single photographs not to a collection of work and entrants must agree to the ‘Creative Commons Licence’ conditions of flickr.

To enter please click here




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