Wot no labels!

20 05 2011

Research regarding fluid sexual representation on TV

Craig Haslop from the University of Sussex is conducting research in the Media and film and music department investigating the potential of open-ended sexual representation on British television – that is representation of sexuality without labelling.

As part of this he is looking for volunteers in London to give just 1 and 1/2 hours of their time to attend a screening of the BBC TV series Torchwood and a follow up discussion of 45 minutes.  All research will be treated in complete confidence and results used will be anonymous.

The focus groups will take place in Central London on the Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday 8th June 2011 at the Drill Hall starting at 6.45pm at the Drill Hall , 16 Chenies Street, London WC1E 7EX near Tottenham Court Road tube.

If you think you can help please contact c.d.haslop@sussex.ac.uk with the date you can make and whether you’re employed and if so what your occupation is.

(Feel free to pass this information on to friends and colleagues who you think might be interested)



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