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11 03 2011

‘Framing the City’ CRESC Annual Conference. 2011. September 6th- 9th

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

The CRESC annual conference 2011 takes the rubric of ‘framing’ to scrutinise the processes by which cities are conceptualised, realised, lived, ordered and depicted, disrupted, changed and contested. More than half of humanity now lives in urban areas and city processes affect the whole globe. The rates of growth, decay and transformation; the diversity, complexity and flows of population and activities, as well as the scale of problems and possibilities posed by city life are breathtaking. This conference seeks to bring together contemporary approaches to the descriptive and analytical challenges of thinking through processes of change in urban and city contexts. The conference takes the following themes as inspiration for a call for papers with confirmed plenary speakers as shown:

• CITY MATERIALITIES : (city objects, plans, designs, discourse, built environments, assemblages, archaeology, urban morphology, infrastructure, post-industrial regeneration, economies, mega events, spatiality …)

Plenary speakers: Professor Nikos Salingaros (University of Texas at San Antonio) and Dr Albena Yaneva (University of Manchester)

• CITY AFFECT:(the experiential, the senses, the auditory, passions, hopes, fears, violence, the imaginary, creative writing and literature …)

Plenary speakers: Iain Sinclair and Professor Alistair Bonnett (University of Newcastle)

• CITY ENVIRONMENTS : (sustainability, living and working environments, ecologies, city geographies, nature/culture, eco-cities …)

Plenary speakers: Professor Maria Kaika (University of Manchester) and Professor Alan Simpson (Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow)

• SOCIAL AND CULTURAL INEQUALITIES IN THE CITY : (social and cultural capital, governance, territorial dimensions of participation, contested spaces of belonging, social movements, underground resistance, critical urbanism)

Plenary speakers: Professor Rosenlund Lennart (University of Stavanger, Norway) and Professor Talja Blokland (Humboldt University, Berlin)

• MEDIATING THE CITY:(creative practices, cultural industries, urban identity, art, street art, broadcasting, music, advertising, dance, film, print and visual representation …)

Plenary Speaker: Nick Couldry (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

• CITY MIGRATION, TRANS-NATIONALITY AND BORDERS: (mobility, flows, boundaries, identities, difference and belonging, states, nations, settlements and borders)

Plenary Speakers: Dr Sabine Hess (Institute for European Ethnology) and Dr. Jan Rath (University of Amsterdam)

Please submit either a) proposal for individual papers, or (b) panel proposal including 3 papers by the end of April 2011 using the proposal forms online. Abstracts should not be more than 250 words.

The proposal forms should be sent to CRESC Conference Administration, at the following address: 178 Waterloo Place, Oxford Road, University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 8985 / or via Fax: +44 (0) 161 275 8985 or submit to:

Proposals for performances, exhibitions and displays are welcome, but must be self-funded.





June 30th — July 1st 2011

Few will dispute that the study of migration crosses disciplinary borders. The Centre for the Study of Migration opens a space for contact for migration scholars based across disciplines in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics, Business, Medicine and Law. This conference seeks to gather together multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of migration. The broad areas covered will be: historical approaches to migration, the economics of migration, migration and the law, migration and linguistic change, migration and culture, migration, asylum and exile, migration and health, migration and state policies. Papers or panels on concepts and topics such as religion, spatiality, transnationalism, ethics and the question of alterity and hybridity will be encouraged. The aim will be to explore the extent to which the study of migration is by nature interdisciplinary and to foment dialogue across disciplines and boundaries amongst colleagues at Queen Mary.

Offers of papers and panels are invited from those engaged in research at postdoctoral as well as postgraduate levels. Please send a title, together with a brief biography and an abstract of approximately 250 words to Professor April 15th 2011.


ESRC LSBU Seminar Series on DIASPORIC AND TRANSNATIONAL YOUTH IDENTITIES: Exploring Conceptual Themes and Future Research Agendas

Seminar 3: New technologies and Participatory Research Methods in Trans-National Youth Research

Friday 8 April 2011 – London South Bank University

Seminar focusing on critical and methodological analyses of the use of new technologies, performance and creative arts and participatory research methods in youth research within and across geographical locations.




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