Students – fees – and protest

13 12 2010

London has seen several waves of protest recently over the proposed student fees increases, the first of which I discussed here.

After students got a bit rowdy and broke some windows last time round, the police have taken revenge by penning thousands of them in a ‘kettle’ and then charging at them with horses untill boiling point.

There’s some good coverage of the ‘dubstep rebellion from the British banlieue‘ by Paul Mason, Newsnight’s Economics editor. He makes a valiant attempt to get down with the kids, one of very few journalists who has covered the story from this point of view, although I have been reliably informed by one SOAS undergraduate that his analysis of the latest yoot music trends is a bit off the mark.

And a first hand account from Cambridge PHD student Delwar Hussain here.

Today students are protesting against the scrapping of the education maintenance allowance which gives students from disadvantaged backgrounds a stipend for staying in school. (Something that the British government has helped to fund in Bangladesh with encouraging results)

Some of the protests turned pretty nasty, as you can imagine what happens when the police pen protesters in and then charge horses into the crowded space and hit anyone who tries to escape over the head with a stick. Some injured protesters, unconscious with head wounds took hours to get to hospital after police prevented them from leaving the kettle.

Somehow Prince Charles and his Courtesan got caught up in the mess and when spotted were chased by students chanting ‘off with their heads’. Somehow Camilla got poked with a stick (photo below)

This is not funny at all.

The students chanting and poking and banging the roof of the car were lucky not to be shot by the ‘enormously restrained’ police officers according to the national restraintometer – The Daily Mail.




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