Latin Americans in London

19 11 2010

Latin Americans in London, 22 November – 10 December, 2010

City Hall hosts this special exhibition of photos by Latin-American, London-based photographers Julio Etchart and Alejandro Gortazar, as part of this year’s Latin American Bicentenary celebrations.

Two centuries ago, the area of the world now known as Latin America experienced the first concerted attempts to shed centuries of Spanish and Portuguese rule. The year 1810 marked the beginning of a process that would witness the creation of over a dozen new nations.

This year a number of cultural institutions, pan London organisations and community groups have organised activities to mark this historic anniversary. The Greater London Authority has joined with the Latin American Bicentenary Group to host a series of events to celebrate the bicentenary, and showcase the long and enduring historical and cultural links that exist between Latin America and London.

More information here


Museum of London collection on Latin Americans in London

Living Latin in London: How latin American Migrants Survive in the City, working paper by Dr. Cathy McIlwaine QMUL

Photo of the Latin American festival in London – described on this site.




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