London and the ConDem Government

12 11 2010

Now that the ConDem (Conservative and Liberal Democrats) coalition government has settled into the government green leather benches of the house of commons, Britain and London are feeling the effects of their policies … (interesting that in the house of commons the entire front bench of the government are millionaires and the prime minister is a relative of the queen!)

The Conservatives promised a cap on the number of migrants entering the UK, something that will damage the City of London’s competetiveness, deprive the NHS of crucial specialists, damage small businesses, upset Boris Johnson, lead to teacher shortages in London, damage UK science, and damage the hospitality sector, all in all this brainwave, will be disastrous for the British economy and London during this recession. Well done to the economic genius who thought up that policy.

Universities are also going to feel the effects of the migrant cap and cuts, and will become a new generation of top public (which means private fee paying in England) schools. Eton (Oxford) University wants unlimited student fees to swell its assets, which stood at a meagre £3 billion way ahead of third placed Edinburgh with £165 million in assets. If the Browne report recommendations are implemented the nature of universities in Britain will change radically – becoming private customer demand driven services competing with each other for the best paying clients rather than a national system of education.

Students or staff from universities, of course, haven’t been consulted about these plans, and staged a massive protest in London on the 11th. The media was universally shocked and appalled by some broken windows and a bit of a mess and Conservative party headquarters. Baronness Warsi of homophobia was stuck inside, she bravely locked the doors and continued asset stripping the nation while condemning those protesting against the privatisation of education.

Angry anarchists stormed Milbank tower hell-bent on causing mayhem

Students broke some windows after drinking too much cider - Daily Mail shocked

Those last pictures look a bit like the 1980s only slightly more fluorescent  – some are speculating that with the Nasty Party in power economic meltdown, and mass unemployment we will see a return to the 1980s – certainly this slightly over excited commentary on a massive rave in central London last week seemed to think so.

See for more conservative party fun. After converting universities into public schools, the government plans a ‘Kosovo style’ cleansing of the poor from London, with a new housing policy. The social cleansing of London will be implemented by a cap on housing benefits – applying equally to high rent areas (where there are jobs) and low rent areas (where no one wants to live). London risks becoming more like Paris, with a pricy genteel centre segregated by design from the urban jungle of deprivation in the outskirts. This will destroy the unique and joyful mixture of London, where rich and poor, people from different walks of life, class and ethnic origins live side by side… another costly own goal.




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13 12 2010
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