FiLo Network Meeting

12 11 2010

The Fieldwork in London network (FiLo) is a researcher run and inspired network, that aims to bring together researchers who have chosen London as their field site. Born from the realisation that London has become a popular research site in the area of migration studies, we aimed to link researchers working in the city, to provide both for social support and academic networking opportunities. The ambition is to develop a forum were we can share our experiences of doing research in London and promote the variety of different projects we are basing in the city. While the roots of FiLo can be found at Sussex University it is not university nor discipline bound and welcomes all researchers who feel that their research interest are related to London as a research site.

Next week on Tursday the 18th of November there will be FiLo meeting in the Global Studies Resource Centre between 15:00 and 16:00. The meeting has been organised by the Migration Dphil group to publicise FiLo and hopefully recruit a new generation of FiLo members and administrators to take over from the jaded, living overseas, recently employed, new parents who used to run FiLo: Fran, Ines, Angels and Benji.

Ines and Benji will be present at the meeting to explain what FiLo is, what it does and what it could do/be with more help. The meeting is open to all, and we would like anyone who is doing research in London and would like to be a part of the network, to meet other researchers, or would like to be involved in running the network to come along.

we look forward to meeting you.




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