Inequality in London

21 04 2010

See this interesting presentation, by the author of a new book on inequality:

London is most unequal city in the developed world, with the richest tenth of the population amassing 273 times the wealth owned by the bottom tenth – which creates a “means chasm” not seen since the days of a “slave owning society”, according to a new book

In Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists published by Policy Press, Danny Dorling, a professor of human geography at Sheffield University and an expert on social disparity, paints a bleak picture of an extremely unjust Britain where differences in wealth have led to a profoundly divided society.

Dorling said Labour had managed to stop the gap in incomes from getting bigger, but this had not stopped the rich getting richer. The wealthiest had amassed assets such as second homes and expansive stock portfolios.

He says the government’s latest figures show that in the capital the top 10% of society had on average a wealth of £933,563 compared to the meagre £3,420 of the poorest 10% – a wealth multiple of 273.

“Other comparable cities like New York, Stockholm, Sydney … have wealthy people, but not as many wealthy people as London,” said Dorling. “There is an inbuilt bias towards inequality in UK society today.

“We are getting wealth inequalities in London now as far as we know that have not been seen since the days of a slave-owning elite. The lesson is that it is not enough to just stop the disparity in incomes from getting bigger – you have to make it smaller to stop wealth inequality from getting worse.”

… article continues at the Guardian

… full data available on-line too from the Guardian’s Datablog and the Injustice companion website

one of Polyp’s brilliant cartoons featured in Professor Danny Dorling’s presentation above.




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