London Profiler, Photographing the East End and Migration shorts

17 02 2010

London Profiler is a fascinating interactive map website allowing the use of a range of data plotted onto maps or satelite photos of London. You can visualise your neighbourhood’s profile using different area classifications through the Google Map interface. All the themes have been created with GMap Creator. If you have any trouble in viewing and using the website as well as comments contact Maurizio:

My East End is a new photography initiative taking place in 2010. The project gives people the opportunity to document and celebrate the rich heritage of London’s East End: its people, cultures, domestic and built environments, and open spaces. It aims to create a collective vision of life in the East End in 2010.

Photographs entered into the competition will be added to the important archive collections about the East End already held by Bishopsgate Institute. You can see examples of the kinds of archive photographs Bishopsgate Institute has here. You can take part in two main ways: enter the photography competition, or attend an event or exhibition.

Migration Information Source has a country profile of the UK with a lot of good data on migration and multiculturalism.

The Leibniz Universitat Hamburg Summer Academy’s theme this year is “Metropolitan Minorities in Europe, Urban Marginal Groups in Eastern and Western Europe in Comparison”. There’s a full call for papers here (You have to be bilingual English/German for that one I think)  





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