Secret London

28 01 2010

Shhhh... it's a secret innit


Secret London seems to be all the rage now, so much so that its lucky we live in such a rich, diverse, myterious place densely packed with sub cultures, undergrounds, ethnic mixologists, secret societies and hidden histories, lets just hope that the supply doesn’t run out any time soon. 

One of my lastest discoveries is a whole Guardian series of interactive guides on London Knowledge, not so much hidden as obviously placed on a website. still there are some interesting themes discussed. The latest one is London locations from films. There’s also hidden architecture, punk in Notting Hill, cycling in South East London and food in Dalston. So Fashionable are ‘hidden’, ‘secret’ places like Dalston that even the Evening Standard is promoting them, using a series of photos of preposterously dressed people as evidence.

Not so secret any more


Have a sneaky peek at the Secret London website. Now if you want to go public with your love of all things secret in London you can also join the inevitable facebook group.




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