London in the Snow

6 01 2010

Talking of Lost London… London is currently in the grips of a proper snow covering – a rarity…

Thousands of people will no doubt be unable to get to work, schools will close causing more chaos for parents, the Guardian has a live blog covering the chaos as if it were a sports event and for some reason is encouraging people to bike to work, somewhat more practically though they have got a series of lovely photos of the snow for people who are ‘working from home’ today to look at. They include this picture of Britain’s biggest snow plough struggling to deal with the snow:

Last time this happened, which was er, last winter, London ground to a halt. This time TfL will be better prepared, wont they? My guess is that transport in London will be utter madness over the next few days. TfL have a live travel news page

Meanwhile as journalists settle back to watch the chaos from the comfort of their offices or homes, news making and breaking is left to the twits who go out in this kind of weather. Someone called Ben Marsh has created a UK Snow Twitter map so that you can find out about the Twits’ fun and games around the country. Trendsmap also has similar local Twitter updates here’s the London map




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