East Looks West – Destination London

15 10 2009

Destination London: Writing Cities from Eastern Europe, 19 October to 7 November 2009

UCL’s School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies is organising an interesting sounding series of public events organized around the East Looks West travel writing project. The public events draw on the popular appeal of travel writing to address both a wide general audience and members of London’s east European communities. You can find out more about the launch event on the 22nd of October and other events at the link above.  

East Looks West: East European Travel Writing on European Identities and Divisions, 1550 – 2000

East Looks West is a major research project examining the meanings and uses of the concept of ‘Europe’ through the medium of east European travel texts. Some ten years in development and execution, the project, conceived and directed by Dr Wendy Bracewell (UCL SSEES), brought together a team of more than 20 scholars in ten counties to collate and analyse an enormous corpus of travel accounts, written in over 20 languages and published over a period of four and a half centuries.

At a time when European identities are increasingly in flux, and social, cultural and political fissures within Europe constitute a major intellectual and political concern, the East Looks West project has provided new perspectives on the history of Europe’s limits and divisions – and on their consequences for East and West.

For further information, contact the project director, Dr. Wendy Bracewell.




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