Kingsway Tram Tunnel

10 10 2009

On Friday I went to visit the Kingsway Tram Tunnel in Holborn, where an artist called Conrad Shawcross in collaboration with an arts organisation called Measure have installed an intriguing site specific art installation.

The Kingsway Tram Tunnel was built to take trams from Holborn to Embankment in the 19th century. Now part of it has been turned into a road tunnel and part has been abandoned or used as a storage space by Camden Council. You can find out more about the history of the tunnel here. Further information about Kingsway Tram Subway can also be found on the Subterranea Britannica website. They have an annual conference coming up very soon on October the 17th.  

The entrance to the tunnel with single decker tram

Conrad Shawcross has constructed some wooden rails running along a section of the tunnel, along which two huge machine slowly move away from each other as their arms rotate, spinning a thick muti-coloured, multi-stranded rope. After being let in through a locked gate in the middle of Kingsway we descended into the tunnel to an old station, where we paused to look at the old tiles, advertising hoardings and tracks. After walking further along the tunnel further we came to the machine, and admired its arms turning slowly…

Tickets are available on line and are free! Book them here.

Thanks to Ian Visits on who’s excellent blog I found out about this event.




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