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21 09 2009

This is the first post on the blog by a user other than ‘filonetwork’

Thankyou to everyone who came to the workshop last week. Me and filonetwork enjoyed it… it was nice to meet you all.

In response to the discussion we had about the FiLo Network and future activities, I thought I would start a discussion of potential developments on the website.

1. The first thing is the proposals for reform and expansion of the literature review. I propose that to keep it simple and easy to administrate we have just 2 sections. One for general London studies or specific case studies and one for methodology.

If you have a suggestion for a reference, please first check to see that it is not already on our list and then send it along with a tag – either ‘Reading London’ or ‘Methodology’ these tags will also fit in with general tags on blog posts and events. 

The literature review is quite popular, it had 27 hits in the last month and 210 hits since we started the blog.
2. We should have more member profiles to represent the full size and range of the network.

The Member profiles page has had 209 hits since we started the blog and the top 4 most clicked on links on the blog are all member profiles.

If your name is not already on the list, please send along an e-mail to the filo address with you name, institution, a *short* phrase or scentence about your research and a link to your on line profile, website or if you dont have one, any contact information you would like us to incluse on the members profile list.

3. How and where should we put electronic copies of the workshop posters?

We could have them all on the workshop page, or have them linked somehow from the member profiles.

4. muliple contributors? what do you think and is anyone interested in this?




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