Budget London? Foodie London? Budget foodie London?

14 08 2009

London, famously expensive, is apparently getting cheaper …  a recent survey shows that relative to other world cities, it is slipping down the rip off stakes. In a Mercer survey measuring the comparative cost of over 200 items in 143 cities, London dropped 13 places to number 16 in the world, falling below Paris, Hong Kong and Geneva. The decline of rental prices in London, coupled with the fall in the value of the pound against the US dollar, have caused London to plummet in the ranking – its now cheaper than Caracas apparently! Here’s the World Cost of Living Survey explained.

The Guardian’s roving budget travel guru, Benji Lanyado claims that it has been like this for a while, if you know where to look. He provides a list of budget tips for eating, entertainment and accomodation.

On the guardian website today is a ‘cabbie’s guide to eating in London’, which takes in a variety of  eateries around London, many of which look great… and not too expensive either. A taxi driver takes the Guardian’s writer to the cabbie’s favorite greasy spoon cafes, Italian cafes, salt beef sandwich cafes, Turkish baklava shops and kebaberies… run by some of London’s diverse residents, while the two of them provide a slightly irritating mockney commentary.

If, despite all this cosmopolitan fare on offer, you are still a fan of the great British breakfast, you should have a look at the witty and informative London Review of Breakfasts.




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