Muslims Making Britain workshop

13 07 2009

Muslims Making Britain

Date: 14 July 2009 Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, SOAS room: G52

This one-day workshop will explore facets of the historical and contemporary South Asian Muslim experience in Britain, focusing on the cultural productions of writers, artists, activists and workers from 1870 to the present in order to explore how they have negotiated, interacted with and sometimes resisted majority British culture; their varied and complex identifications and affiliations; and the ways in which they might have re-imagined the nation.

By focusing on how South Asian Muslims have helped to shape British cultural and political life across the period, this collaborative workshop will foreground the depth as well as the breadth of their contribution to the making of Britain.

Complicating the common perception that a homogeneous British culture only began to diversify after the Second World War, the Making Britain project explores how an early South Asian diasporic population impacted on Britain’s literary, cultural and political life. Framing Muslims is concerned with the cultural, artistic, social and legal structures which ‘frame’ contemporary debates about Muslims in the West. The projects share a concern with the ways in which South Asian Muslims in Britain have been depicted in a range of discourses, and how individuals and communities have responded to and subverted these externally imposed definitions. Combining the contemporary focus of Framing Muslims with the historical depth of Making Britain will enable an exploration of how representational structures have evolved through time.

Also on this month is the interesting looking London Bridge Festival,

a diverse fringe arts festival with lots of events going on – comedy, music, film, theatre, dance etc…




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