Focus on London

13 07 2009

London Population by Country of Birthpopulation by country of birth

Today the GLA has released its 2009 Focus on London report. The report has loads of interesting information about London.

Bringing together a wealth of research, Focus on London contains fascinating facts and figures about the capital on everything from London’s longest rivers, to its tallest buildings, busiest tube lines, top tourist attractions and favourite football teams.

The report, which has been produced almost every year since 1890, also sees the first recorded effect of the credit crunch on mobility with the number of people leaving London to live elsewhere in the UK almost halving since 2004.

The report is produced by the GLA’s statistical department, Data Management Analysis Group (DMAG) in partnership with the London Development Agency, Office for National Statistics, London Health Observatory, Met Police, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade.

The GLA are also making parts of the 1909 London Statistics report available online, so you can see exactly how much life has changed for the average Londoner over the last hundred years. There is also a data store for the underlying data sets that support the report so that everyone can access the data and create their own visualisations.

The Guardian’s Data Blog has a post about the Focus on London Report that is sure to generate some interesting uses and visualisations of the data.




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