Les immigraux et la Fête Nationale

10 07 2009

The Titanic, Concorde, The Eurotunnel, Sangatte… the list of glorious Anglo-French collaborations is endless.

carla bruni and queen

London is the seventh largest French city, according to Nicholas Sarkozy, who became the first French presidential candidate to campaign outside France when he came here in 2007.  Some parts of London are crawling with those anglophile frenchies and the 14th of July is Bastille Day, the French national holiday, so this Sunday there is a Bastille Day Garden Party in Battersea Park.

Bastille Day Garden Party, Battersea Park, Sunday 12 July, 10am-6pm, free

The line up is a stereotype confirming celebration of all things gallic: food, wine, petanque, pastis, music, dancing, competitions, prizes and an afterparty.




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