workshop and conference heatwave

29 06 2009

There seems to be a rush of interesting conferences, events and workshops… so keep your eyes on the events page

I’ve just added the details of a very interesting event on multicultural London past present and future and a conference about diaspora and media

There’s also a heatwave on the way so we have to not lock pets in cars and keep tabs on vulnerable old people.

remember to use the correct head wear during the heatwave

A member of the British tribe remembers to use the 'correct' head wear at Wimbledon during the heatwave

The traditional rain during wimbledon has been cancelled – ruining the unveiling of the £80 million new roof on centre court which looked like it might happen during a recent match. if no matches are interrupted or cancelled due to the rain it will be the first time since 1995 apparently.

More importantly … remember to keep the 18th of September free for our first workshop. We have been successful in an application for funding from Sussex University (thanks a lot) and we’re busy planning the workshop – there is a special page on the website for it  which is currently empty, but will have all the details soon.




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