The economic impacts of immigration on London

17 06 2009

Yesterday in a seminar at City Hall, academics from the LSE presented the findings of their study on the Economic impact on the London and UK economy of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants to the UK . You can see their presentation slides at the city hall link.   

 BoJo’s (Mayor Boris Johnson) idea that there should be an amnesty for irregular migrants comes from this research. This would add £3 billion to the economy apprently.

Dave Hill was at the meeting and has promised to fill us in with more details soon.

In related news, the occupation of SOAS’s management building by activists protesting the ugly collusion between SOAS management, cleaning contractors and immigration authorities has emerged successful.

Having arranged a meeting between the cleaners and the police in a SOAS lecture theatre (complete with locked doors), which has resulted in several cleaners being fast track deported with no questions asked, the management has now apparently decided to ‘talk to’ students, unions and the cleaning contractors about the issues surrounding the events.

anyway – the full statment is here, there’s also some coverage on comment is free.




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