London and the European Elections

8 06 2009

Now the European election results are in… the turnout in the UK was 35%! Turnout across Europe was 43.09% the lowest ever.


The 8 euro MPs from London are:

Syed Kamall, Charles Tannock, Marina Yannakoudakis: Conservative (27.36%), Claude Moraes, Mary Honeyball: Labour (21.28%), Sarah Ludford: Liberal Democrat (13.72%), Jean Lambert: Green (10.88%) and Gerard Batten: UKIP (10.76%). (BBC coverage)

It seems that London is less Euroskeptic than the rest of the country, where UKIP and the BNP made some serious headway. UKIP came second overall nationwide with 17.5% of the vote! The conservatives romped to victory with 28.3% and the BNP got 2 (yes 2) seats, one in the North West of England and one in Yorkshire and the Humber they had 6.6% of the vote nationwide. (Guardian Map)

So we have had a big swing to the right and will have 2 fascists representing Britain in the EU – From Britain with Love! 

European Union party groupings breakdown

UK data

full BBC coverage of the EU elections




One response

18 10 2009

We had the same sort of turnout in US elections in the early stage of our history. So I’m not surprised that most Europeans are similarly invested with their States. I think it is normal at this stage.

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