Local Elections

7 06 2009

Local election results are now in …

More than 250 Labour councillors will adjust to life out of office this week after the spectacular election defeat that left the party without control of a single county in England.

Basically as you might have predicted Neo Labour got massacred. While nobody seemed to mind them illegally invading Iraq and they got re-elected in 2004, now that the economy is on the slide and we found out that they claim as much of their expenses as they can we want them out…

The trimuphant Torygraph who have been setting the political agenda in recent weeks with their expenses revelations (shock no 1: Telegraph has a story, shock no 2: MP’s are corrupt) has a good map showing the change in local government over the last few elections.

The troubled Guardian has another interactive map, and perhaps not feeling quite so triumphant after they pulled the rug from under Neo Labour’s already shaky feet just before the election.  

The Social and Spatial Inequalities Research Group at the University of Sheffield has a very interesting interactive map animation of British Elections since 1832.

The success or failure of the BNP’s hilariously inept Billy Brit Puppet advert, which has been spoofed to death is hotly debated. While Unite Against Fascism are worried about their success, Hope Not Hate celebrate their failure.




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