4 06 2009

Wordle is an interesting site, into which you can paste text or the address of a website and the site will make you a word cloud based on your text or website.

Here is one I made based on the first draft of my thesis about British Bangladeshi children – it seems to represent the principal issues of my work quite well.

PHD wordle


I made one based on the filo network blog website, which was less successful in capturing what filo is about, although perhaps that reflects the quality of the posts! I made that by pasting the blog address into the site.

filo wordle

I made another by selectively cutting and pasting parts of the site into wordle and playing with the aesthetic look a bit and got much better results:

filo about 

make one on www.wordle.net about your research and post links to your wordle as a comment on this post.




2 responses

5 06 2009

I really like this, thank you! I will put several into practice, hope to collect all the words that have come up in my fieldwork in London and see how it looks!

5 06 2009

put an article you have written or even your fieldnotes into wordle and post the link to it here…

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