The City of London Festival

26 05 2009

The box office for the City of London Festival is now open.

‘COLF’ is a diverse and interesting festival set in the heart of London’s financial district. Music, talks, walks, drama and dance all feature, but for me the best bit is the access the festival gives to some of the amazing buildings and places in the city.  

You can go on a Deutsche Bank Art tour, a tour of the Bank of England, see ballet on the steps of St. Pauls, … and a host of other events.

Last year I went to a concert in the Draper’s Hall. The Drapers are one of these ancient guilds, founded in 1364… the concert was good but it was visiting the incredibly opulent hall which has stuck in my mind, the place reeked of the mysterious masonic powers at work in the City of London, with portraits of kings and queens all around, marble pillars and incredible frescos on the ceilings. 

This year the mood is sure to be more sombre in the city, and the regional theme is Sweden rather than India, but don’t let that put you off, there are a lot of good events and many of them are free too.




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