FiLo is growing and the Blog as well

30 03 2009

Check out the new London reading list, under the tap ‘literature’ and write us an email if you have any further suggestions. We have also added a new tap called ‘research’. On this page you can find links and information about ongoing and past research programmes which are/were focused on London.

If you want to join the FiLo mailing list, please remember this researcher network is focused on those of us doing fieldwork in London, if you are a researcher who is not specifically interested in London you might want to look for a different network, if we hear of other networks we will publish links to these on our blog.


CEDEC likes our idea

16 03 2009

First step in funding application has been conquered. We have been invited to speak to CDEC people about our funding application to get FiLo going.  We are meeting with them on Thursday to present FiLo and convince them that our project is a good one.  So, if there has been any further positive things you remembered FiLo can do for us, please let us know. The more arguments we have why FiLo will allow for professional networking and carreer advancement the better.

London Literature

15 03 2009

I have added a tab for Literature. Most of us will have to do a literature review on London. If you have just read an article a book chapter or anything relevant that you think might be useful for FiLo Members please send us the link or citation with a short sentence what the piece is about. There will also be a section on work done by FiLo members so feel free to sent us the link to your publications which have grown out of your research in London.

FiLo launch workshop

15 03 2009

Those of you who are FiLo members will have heard that the Sussex consortium has been trying to secure funds, in order to organise a workshop to officially launch FiLo. We know that our funding application has been discussed by the relevant powers that be but that it will be until later on that we will find out if this is coming through. Nonetheless, if you have any further ideas about this workshop do let us know so we can get organisation started as soon as possible.

Let’s get started creating some content

15 03 2009

with the new blog running smoothly we now need to fill this page with content please do email: if you have any suggestions.

events for filo members

1 03 2009

you are interested in going to london related research seminars, workshop and other event? check out our events page for details.

if you have heard of an event you would like to be included on our event site please contact us at

click the event link above and see the events we have already included.

we haved moved

1 03 2009

for adminstartive reasons has moved to this address. welcome to the network and this new site.